Carlisle Dance Academy

Dance Classes – Minis

Minis dance classes are for children aged: 6years +

General Dance Class












In our general dance classes children are taught different routines to a range of music.

Children learn a range of styles in these classes including hip hop, freestyle, disco, street dance and tap dancing.












Cheerleading dance lessons combine modern dance styles with acrobatics and gymnastics.

In our cheerleading classes, the children are given the opportunity to show their strong and powerful dance moves to up-beat music.

The children often dance with pom poms and are taught different cheers and chants relating to Carlisle Dance Academy.













In our ballet classes the children are given the opportunity to learn dance in a much more structured manner.

The children are taught basic feet and arm positions whilst focussing on the stance and technique required for ballet. They learn exercises at the barre and through centre work before progressing to routines to familiar music.


Minis Drills

During drills classes, children are taught how to improve their strength and flexibility alongside conditioning techniques. They quickly progress to learning how to spin, kick and leap.

This class helps to improve each dancer’s overall technique.


Musical Theatre








In Musical Theatre classes, pupils will learn choreography to their favourite movie, musical, Broadway and West End hits.

This is an energetic jazz style class which is full of laughter, singing and dancing. It allows all dancers to unleash their inner diva!