Carlisle Dance Academy

Feedback – old

We at CDA value all parents and pupils opinions, feedback and reviews. 

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Linzi – Parent

Poppy joined CDA in 2012 when she was 2 years old. She has come on so much over the years, in the skills she has learnt and grows in confidence all the time.
This is because of the dedication Laura all the teachers give all the children in the dance school. Poppy lives and breathes dancing and loves being part of CDA.
She has been given so many opportunities and has recently been in a dance competition. I can’t thank these girls enough for giving poppy this experience, the smile on her face was just priceless!
Thanks so much CDA.

Emily – Aged 18

Carlisle Dance Academy is more than a dance school; it is a supportive family unit which has given me more opportunities than I could’ve ever imagined.
The high quality, fair, experienced teaching from the staff at CDA is one of a kind. Every child matters at CDA no matter the age or ability and the staff put 100% into every child.
The friendships I have made whilst being a part of this amazing dance school I will treasure for life and it is these friendships and the feeling of unity that makes CDA an amazing place to attend weekly.
I have been a part of the competition team at CDA, and this is an opportunity given to me that I will remember for a long time.
Like many things at CDA it provided me with confidence, friendships and a sense of achievement, with the help of the outstanding staff wanting nothing but the best from each child.
Carlisle Dance Academy is a part of my life and is a dance school like no other!

Nicole – Aged 10

CDA the best dance school ever!!!
The best things about CDA is that it gives me very good opportunities. For example, last year I had the opportunity to be in the competition team, we got to the finals and won. The finals were in Blackpool and it was fantastic!!!
The teachers make the best dancers ever and the staff are kind and make me smile. I have made so many friends and are nice to me.
The last thing I would like to say is that I have learn’t thousands of things and that it is amazing to be here!

Kerry – Parent

My twins attend CDA and have done since they were 18 months old. They have developed in confidence and by 3 years old have both performed on the stage with a huge smile on their face. It has allowed them to meet new friends and join a new community. It has helped to improve their motor skills and they can move rhythmically. Thank you for everything.

Jane – Parent

CDA has helped Sophia grow in confidence, agility and ability whist creating and maintaining friendships with children outside of pre-school/school.
The welcoming facilities are fresh, clean and modern.
Highly qualified are staff are unbelievably efficient and organised yet laid-back and flexible in regards to parents and children when needs be.
There is a wide range of opportunity available for all pupils weather it be performing on stage, taking examinations or attending themed parties and holiday clubs.
CDA has built and solid and credible reputation in a short space of time so I believe both of my daughters along with a large percentage of other local children will be member for years to come.

Our Pensioner’s reviews

We are pleased/delighted we have a class for our age group.

It keeps us all fit and is great company.

A community spirt feeling.

Andy -Parent

We’ve been coming to CDA from the first week in 2012 it has grown so much. The facilities been excellent and Jay has done well to get it to such as good standard.
Laura and her team of teachers work tirelessly week in week out to create new and exciting dances to teach to the pupils.
Poppy has loved coming here and looks forward to every Saturday!
The shows they create are excellent and are a huge success. I hope the academy continues for years to come. #CDA

Poppy – Aged 10

CDA is the best dance school ever!
It has made my dancing so good because I have been in the comp team and it helped me get in to pantomime’s. The teachers are lovely at CDA and are the reason why everyone is good here. I have improved so much since I started at CDA and made lots of friends.