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Happy New Year to all of our members, we hope you and your lovely families have stayed safe and well during the festive period.

We are sadly not starting the new year as we would have liked to, and like many other businesses in this unfortunate position, we are having to close again. To say we are gutted is an understatement as we have loved every second of being back at classes with our amazing pupils. However, this situation is out of our control and we will do the best we can to continue to make dancing a positive and engaging experience for all of our pupils during this third lockdown. So for the month of January our aim is to keep you happy, healthy and busy in your own homes, we would LOVE it if you would join us on the journey.

Any payments that have already been made for the new term will be forwarded on to classes when we re-open. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately, we will also have to postpone Alex Ryan’s workshop and the ‘Rainbow Awards’ to later in the year too. Again, any payments made for the exams or workshops will be carried over to the new dates.

After much consideration and a huge awareness of the challenging current situation and the financial implications on many families, we are once again offering OPTIONAL ZOOM classes AND this time we will be adding pre-recorded classes for the whole of January, starting from THIS TUESDAY. To ensure there is something for everyone we have created a fun and exciting timetable where the children will be able to exercise, have fun and interact with their friends and teachers online.

Please see the attachment below the Zoom timetable.

There will be the option for children to take several classes every week should they wish. Pupils are invited to participate in any new classes they have not taken before too, which could be an exciting prospect for some children. All zoom classes will be 40-45 minutes, please see the attached timetable for information on dates and times . A new timetable with ZOOM logins and passwords will be emailed out to families after we have received confirmation that they wish to take part.

Alongside the live classes, we will also be giving our pupils access to a catalogue of PRE-RECORDED classes via our website. The pre-recorded short videos will be a mixture of routines and exercises (including pointe work, splits work, body conditioning etc) that the students can access in their own time, over and over again if they wish, there will be something for everyone. We will also film the routines taught over zoom and put them on the website for children to access after the session if they want to practise or in case they can’t make the allocated zoom time .These videos will be password protected and the password will be sent out to families who sign up in a separate email once the videos and website are ready.

January is a popular time of year to try something new and generally improve overall well-being and fitness so we have added some extra fitness classes and coaches to our online classes. Alongside our  extremely popular Dancefit and Barre exercise sessions we also have a HIIT session with  Rudi Colman and a Pilates class with Eileen Plunkett. Both of whom are very experienced and inspirational coaches, we are sure you will love these classes.

On top of this, for all of our senior dancers, we will be having a weekly workshop with amazing international choreographers which the cost will be included as part of the silver and gold packages. We currently have Alex Ryan and David Danville booked, both of whom are unbelievably talented and highly sought after teachers.


Other times and dates for the workshops will be sent out on a weekly basis.

To find out more information regarding our 3 different packages Bronze, Silver and Gold or to book please contact CDA directly via email, facebook or phone.

We are hoping that by keeping the classes going online it will keep children interested and buzzing about their dancing and CDA. To encourage the children further with their engagement and enthusiasm with the classes we will be sending out certificates every week to children in their homes.

We would LOVE to still continue to dance with your children during these difficult times. We are aware it isn’t always perfect online but giving our pupils the opportunity to continue with something they love in any way they can is sure to help make them happy. As we have said, this is of course optional, however we are hoping that most of our CDA members and families will get behind us during these testing times. Your support throughout the previous lockdown and last half term has enabled the school to continue and we are forever grateful for this. Without you we couldn’t continue.

Most importantly though please take care of yourselves and your loved ones, stay safe, we will be thinking of you all.

Much love and thank you,



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