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We hope you and your lovely families are well and returning back to some form of normality. To begin we want to thank you for your support throughout this difficult time, we feel very lucky to have such supportive and positive members.

Going forward we are delighted to say we have organised our new timetable for September. We have worked extremely hard to ensure that we can offer an exciting and full timetable whilst ensuring we are following strict government and local council guidelines to ensure our members are safe. This has been a huge task, due to the changes we have had to make, however we are hoping there will be something all of our members can access. Please see attached the CDA COVID GUIDELINES which explain the changes we have and will be making to classes.

Our main priorities for September are:

  • To ensure the safety and well-being of our all of our staff and pupils attending classes.
  • To create a timetable that is accessible to all children and enables time for social distancing measures and hygiene practises to be put into place.
  • To provide children with fun, engaging and exciting classes, to help them regain their confidence and passion for dance.

From September every class will be split into bubbles of 15 or less. The children in each bubble will be accessing the same work, delivered ,primarily, by the main teacher and they will be supported by another teacher or teaching assistant.

We are always here to help you, and if the options for the lesson times we give you do not work for your child/children, we most certainly want to work with you to find something that suits your family situation, so please ask if there is anything we can do to help. If your child wishes to change their current option from a single class to a block session or vice-versa, we will do our best to accommodate this for you.

Autumn term dates

1st Half term – Saturday 5th September to Saturday 24th October (8 weeks Saturday classes) and (7 weeks midweek classes)

2nd Half term – Monday 2nd November to Saturday 12th December (6 weeks Saturday classes) and (6 weeks midweek classes)

We are so excited to get our new timetable up and running and get our amazing pupils back where they belong. We will need you to confirm you are happy to take this space by responding to this email. We would hugely appreciate a response within 48 hours as spaces are limited and as I am sure you can appreciate this is a mammoth task for us to organise. This re-organisation of the timetable is a short time solution and we hope that after the Autumn term we will be able to get back to normal, guidelines permitting.

Once again, thank you so much for your ongoing enthusiasm and support, we feel very privileged to be able to re-open in these difficult times and have such an AMAZING CDA family to welcome back.

Hope to hear from you soon,




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